Throughout these 14 weeks I have had many ups and downs in my quest to become a full-time blogger for 1 semester. I have tried things that worked and things that have failed. Along the way, I have learned some valuable lessons.

First of all, whether the theme is interesting or not, the name of the blog is crucial because viewers can discern the main topic or the general feeling the blog wants to convey with it. Take my blog for example, my blog is about time travel and thus I named it “ARideBackInTime”. I thought I would be attracting more viewers if I would be writing about something simple and complex at the same time. I say complex because I have learned that Time Travel is probably one of the most complex and interesting concepts there is. I say simple because what movies taught us about time travel is that it happens by simply pressing a button. This journey not only taught me how to start writing a blog but it taught me a lot more about my topic. If you CLICK HERE you will be redirected to one of my older blog posts where I have given proof that time travel exists.

bakyFirst person I interviewed was Baky Yegengeldiyev. He gladly answered the question my blog arises: “What would you change if you could go back in time?”

“I don’t really have many regrets, thank God. It would definitely not be something that I did or said; probably it would be something I didn’t do in the past.”.

kesgaKerim Chekirov was the second person I interviewed. Click Here to listen to my edited recorded interview with Kerim. This is what he had to say about my question:

“My first reaction would be to obviously go back and relive all the amazing moments and events in my life.”

jonaThen,I had the pleasure to interview Jona Hasanballiu, a senior in the American University in Bulgaria.

“If I would go back in time, I would have gone there without even thinking it twice, even walk through Atlantic ocean to get there.”

Read more about Jona by Clicking HERE.

When it comes to blogging, time is something you need a lot of. Starting a new blog takes a lot of time, commitment, and persistence. I’ll admit that when I first started blogging 14 weeks ago, my main focus was getting a decent grade, but it turned out that blogging is fun somehow. Having a successful blog is something I want to have. If it is not that successful I shall go back in time and make it successful.


I hope reading my posts wasn’t a waste of your time, it definitely wasn’t a waste writing them. This is my last post in “ARideBackInTime”, it is time to say goodbye and wish you all good luck in your endeavors.


We are prisoners of time!

You are certain of two things, that your past is unchangeable and that you are living at the present moment, only the future is blurry.Of course, it is easy to predict what will happen in a near future but it is impossible to prove that your prediction is true. Human beings see time as a straight line with no extremities on which the present advances like a dot on the line. This dot always goes in the same direction at the same speed and never stops.

In everyday life, 1it is impossible to go back in time, even if you read this paragraph a second time or if you lied down in the same bed you woke up, the fact you repeat your past doesn’t change the fact you already did it before. We are therefore prisoners of this fourth dimension. We may get the impression that time flows slower or faster than usual depending on what we’re doing (like when we sleep for example), but it’s only an impression and a second will always stay a second.

But the thirst of men for the exploration of unknown worlds is sometimes so strong that they managed to do what they used to define as impossible. During the XVIIth century, the steam machine appears and increases the freedom of movement in spacial dimensions; in 1969, Neil Armstrong sets foot upon the Moon’s surface. Will it be one day possible to travel as freely as we do in space than in time? And if it’s the case, by which means? Until then, treasure your best memories, live a good and a comfortable future.

“Consciousness is a time machine”.

What if I told you this? Your consciousness is quite literally a time machine.

The  ability to travel to any point in the past or future- What could be cooler? You could jump into your time machine to go back and see major events in history and talk to the people who were there! Who would you travel back to see?

You could go back and meet yourself at an earlier age, go forward and see how you look in the future.

It turns out that, in some sense, we are all time travelers. As you sit at your desk, doing nothing more than clicking your mouse, time is traveling around you. The future is constantly being transformed into the past with the present only lasting for a fleeting moment. Everything that you are doing right now is quickly moving into the past, which means we continue to move through time.

rrockaThis week I had the pleasure to discuss time travel with Aurel Roci. Lots of us think we know what time is, but is hard to define.

“The idea of jumping into a time machine, pressing a button and travelling into this forth dimension is quite bizarre indeed, but it is unlikely that we will be able to travel into the past.”

Time is not a thing, instead it is an individual experience. It turns out we have a really long history in trying to standardize time. When railroads were built it became very important that your time and the railroad time matched up because if you wanted to catch 7:19 train to Paris you had to make sure you were at the station at 7:19. So, in other words, in order to make the trains run on time you had to make time run on time. And so standard time is born…  Does that mean universal time is a real thing and we can all set our watches to?

NOO! Universal time is just one big illusion.

Another theory regarding time travel brings up the idea of parallel universes. Let’s say that you do travel back to meet your grandfather when he was a boy. In the theory of parallel universes, you may have traveled to another universe, one that is similar to ours, but has a different succession of events.

For instance, if you were to travel back in time and kill one of your ancestors, you’ve only killed that person in one universe, which is no longer the universe that you exist in. And if you then try to travel back to your own time, you may end up in another parallel universe and never be able to get back to the universe you started in.

The idea here is that every action causes the creation of a new universe, and that there are an infinite number of universes that exist. When you killed your ancestor, you created a new universe, a universe that was identical to your own up until the time you changed the original succession of events.

Confused yet?



Dear reader,

Believe it or not, becoming a blogger was never something I planned. So over the past couple of months I have really stepped out of my shell. I have to tell you that speaking in front of individuals and writing for the whole world to see, was never something I thought I would do.

I started writing my very first blog post around 2 months ago. Certainly blogging has helped me refine my writing skills, but more importantly blogging forced me to formulate people’s thoughts into arguments and communicate using the written word. Jumping on my second blog post i learned how to interview people. I learned that during an interview everything that surrounds you matters. All those buzzing noises from outside,  a different background noise that you can not figure out where is coming from, the volume in your voices – they all matter. After spending hours on editing and trying to come up with a better interview was not that simple. After dozens of edits here is how my first interview sounds like.

Moving on to my next blog post, I learned that each post should be unique. The process of writing unique blog posts includes recording all thoughts in paper. Somehow this encouraged me to think deeper in order to shape all the thoughts in a different way for each week. Other than teaching me how to interview, how to be more patient with interviewees, how to edit each story, blogging taught me a lot more about my own topic. I always related going back in time with regrets, with doing things you didn’t do in the past but Kerim says:

“My first reaction would be to obviously go back and relive all the amazing moments and events in my life.”

I learned that going back in time is not all about changing your choices or your actions, it also is about reliving all of the incredible moments you once experienced.

Blogging taught how to shoot videos, it taught me what a 5-SHOT video is about. By the way, click here in order to check my first 5-SHOT video. I am open and willing of leaning more stuff about blogging and editing. Thank you all for following my blog and giving me that little rush after positive feedback.

Dear reader, stay tuned, a video about this blog post is coming up.

Time travel: Is there now proof?

Dear readers,

You are about to be given the most incredible information about time travel today. In this post you will read and discover clear evidence of time travelers.

According to Jane Tripp, who lives in British Columbia, Canada, there is definitely proof of time travel, and she is prepared to state her case. On her website, she says:

“My name is Jane Tripp and I have Absolute Proof that Time Travel is Taking Place. I’m fully prepared to back up my claims. … For some people, this [her discoveries] will provide the proof for an activity that they already ‘know’ is real.”

Jane has written 3 free e-books of over 500 pages of fascinating, priceless, and never-before-seen information packed with the incredible truth about time travel. Jane’s determination to know more about what is hidden in photographs that contain anomalies has led to the development of an image editing technique that has allowed her to retrieve imagery from the layers of visual data that certain photographs contain.

She became an investigator of this phenomena due to the unusual discoveries she obtained while using image editing tools. Experimenting with image editing software has allowed her to discover that there was much more hidden within photographic images than anyone could have ever imagined.

The Photograph


This photograph is probably earlier than 1907. It’s doubtful that it was any later, and was most likely taken in 1906. This is a vintage photograph of a grocery store owned by one Jas.

I reviewed this recent news about time travel with one my fellow friends Aurel Rroci. I introduced him to the full article and he had something to say back.

“It is very hard to believe all of her claims because as humans I think we need a more obvious proof of a successful time traveler.”

Dear readers, if you are willing to read the full article about Jane Tripp’s claims CLICK HERE.


Here a 5-SHOT video; starring: Aurel Rroci.


“Time is the fire in which we burn”

Hello readers,

Time is a very curious thing. If you ask anyone on the street if they know what time is they sure have something to say but if you ask them to explain it to you they will most certainly be at a loss. People tend to talk about time in a negative connotation because in some way it is linked to our own mortality.

“Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.”

Where and to what date would you go if you could travel through time? For this week’s post I interviewed Jona Hasanballiu. Jona relates going back in time with making her dreams come true. After finishing high school, she sent a lot of applications for undergraduate schools, among them, one for Juilliard Drama School. In the midst April, three years ago, Jona got the acceptance letter from both AUBG and Juilliard Drama School. Feeling overwhelmed and proud of herself Jona decided to continue her studies in the American University in Bulgaria.


No matter how things go, she does not regret any decisions made in the past but if she had a chance to go back in time Jona would definitely follow her passion for drama and on a second thought she would have reconsidered the Juilliard Drama School.

“If I would go back in time, I would have gone there without even thinking it twice, even walk through Atlantic ocean to get there.”

Something Jona regrets not doing during her childhood is learning how to play musical instruments, especially piano. When I asked her why won’t you start learning it now she said:

“It is a little late to start now because time travels fast and it is not on my side”

These were few things Jona wanted to change if she could go back in time, other than that she is very happy with all of her decisions.

“Do you believe in time travel?”


Dear readers,

I am starting today’s post with an interesting website I found online, “FutureMe”. “FutureMe” is based on the principle that memories are less accurate than e-mails. And we strive for accuracy. I am always making decisions on behalf of Future Me, signing contracts on different banks for him, educating him, feeding him well and whatnot. Well, if you guys have anything to say to your FutureYou visit this awesome website.

This week’s post is about my roommate- Kerim Chekirov, currently a junior in the American University in Bulgaria. I immediately introduced him to my topic and had the pleasure to get some answers out of him.

“My first reaction would be to obviously go back and relive all the amazing moments and events in my life.”

Rather than fixing past problems in his life, Kerim’s reason to travel back in time was to experience one more time the amazing events that happened to him. Reliving what really made you happy is a really good reason to use your “GoBackInTime” ticket. I have to totally agree with him on this one.

I still stick to the idea that everyone has that one regret he/she wants to go back to. My second question to Kerim was:

“If you could go back in time what would you prevent?”

“I’d go back to the first time I smoked a cigarette and say “No thank you.”

Listen to my short interview with Kerim:

As I am about to finish this week’s post I would recommend to all the readers to watch one of the best movies about time travel, Twelve Monkeys.


“We are all time-travelers”

The very idea of being able to travel through time, experience life from its very roots, is the dream of many people, yet many people do not understand that we are all time-travelers. It is hard to understand time because even human’s perception of time changes depending on how our brain processes it. For instance, if a person is being entertained time seems to fly by. On the other hand if somebody is bored, time seems to go on much slower. Time is not being sped up or slowed down, our perception of time is.

I am certain that at some point in our life we all have thought about turning back time. There is a reason why the Divine Creator doesn’t let us freely turn back time; it is to make every experience, both bitter and sweet, to take wisdom and lessons from. At one point, I agree with Baky when he says: “I don’t really have many regrets, thank God.”

I had the honor to interview my good friend, Baky. Baky was born is Turkmenistan, he is a song-writer and a music fan. He is now a senior in the American University in Bulgaria. He shared few of his thoughts about my topic.


Baky answered my question, quoting:

“I don’t really have many regrets, thank God. It would definitely not be something that I did or said; probably it would be something I didn’t do in the past.”

Listen to my dear fellow Baky:

Travel in Time

My name is Erald Pengili and ARideBackInTime blog is a part of a  14-week project from prof. Melody Gilbert’s Multimedia Journalism class.  I am currently a senior , second semester , in the American University in Bulgaria. About a year ago I found this tiny passion about journalism. It is time to use it.

In this blog I will be posting people’s answers to “What would you change if you could go back in time”?  We all travel in time, we travel in time at the rate of 1 hour per hour. What if you traveled back in time to prevent your mother and father from meeting, then you would prevent yourself from ever having been born. But wait, if you hadn’t been born, you could not have gone back in time to prevent them from meeting.  Anyway, time travel is mind-blowing. We all made choices that brought us where we are TODAY, whether happy or not I believe we all have that 1 regret we want to go back to.